Choosing a course

Intensive Driving School courses, how to choose the right course for you.

Choosing a course

Here’s a guide to how to choose your level of experience when getting a quote. We will provide a quote based on this and local instructor rates

If you can’t remember how many hours you have done, the guide lists the sort of things you should have done under the number of hours. Once you’ve obtained a quote, you can edit it before choosing to pay the deposit.

Little or no experience - 10 hours

You have learnt controls, basic junctions, quiet road conditions and possibly a manoeuvre/hill starts and some theory related driving. 

Limited experience - 10 to 20 hours

You’re proficient at junctions, busier roads, better judgement of speed and distance, hill starts, maybe 2 manoeuvres, practicing roundabouts and even started dual carriageways.

Some experience - 20-30 hours

You’re proficient at controls, junctions including one way streets, roundabouts, busier roads, dual carriageways, judgement, awareness and planning and have completed all the manoeuvres( not just the ones for the driving test)

Test ready/failed test - 30 plus 

Maybe feel nearly ready to take a test or have taken and failed a previous Driving Test. Your gaining in confidence, can drive smoothly, drive up to the speed limits quickly, mastered dual carriageways, the rules and skills of overtaking, hill starts, all t(e car controls, satnav and the reading and interpretation of direction signs - indeed,everything else!. Just need more practice and experience to be better prepared for your driving test


Previous Experience Course Hours Days
Little or No Experience 30+ 7-21
Limited Experience 20-30 5-7
Some Experience 10-20 3-5
Test ready/Failed Test 10 2-3

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