Driving Courses Suitability

Everyone can learn with the right Intensive Driving Course.

Driving Course Suitability

Everyone can learn with the right Intensive Driving Course. 

Simply click the Get a Quote button and tell us what you’ve done so far and we'll give you a quote based on your previous experience. We’ll call you to discuss your options and agree a course, recommend an Instructor, book you a test date that gives you the best chance of passing first time and take the time and stress out of searching for an Intensive Driving Course locally.

All courses are tailored to your individual needs and include:

  • An experienced Intensive or Semi-Intensive Course Driving Instructor
  • A Driving Assessment if required
  • Theory test where needed
  • Free Theory Test revision facility where needed
  • Free Driving Test Cancellation Search where needed
  • Driving Test on or as close to the last day of your course as possible
  • Pick up and drop off at home or preferred location - varies with more remote locations

Everything will normally be arranged for you but you have to take and pass the test yourself!

We will choose a Driving Test at your nearest practical driving test centre and recommend the right Intensive Driving School course for you.

To find out the Price, Course and Test availability simply click on the the “GET A QUOTE” button or phone for advise on what is available.