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Frequently Asked Questions

This is the frequently asked questions page where you can find some of the most frequently asked question we have received from past clients, if you have a question which is not here and you feel it should be please contact us and let us know.

We are now training pupils for the New Driving Test which comes into force on Monday 4th December.

The new Driving Test will include parking on the right side of the road when requested, answering show me question on the move and 4 test out of 5 will include following a satnav guidance around random pre-set routes for 20 minutes. Where a satnav is not used, normal independent driving instructions will be given using signs, diagrams or multiple instructions. 

A manoeuvre will include either a forward or reverse bay park in a public car park or a Parallel park. The turn in the road and reverse round a corner are no longer required but our instructors will continue to teach them as part of essential car control exercises.

This is likely to mean that an average of 40 hours tuition to prepare for the test will increase to 45 plus private practice

Don't get caught out, learn properly with IDS Intensive

In some areas we do although most Automatic Driving Instructors are very fully booked. Any of the Driving Instructors on our panel can teach you in your own automatic car and may be willing to do so providing the car is fully insured and meets the Driving Test specification. Please ring us for details.
We only ask for a small deposit to start with and the balance becomes payable direct to the Driving Instructor once dates are agreed and closer to the Driving Course Start date. If you pay via Paypal and create your own Paypal account, you may qualify for PayPal Credit - 0% for 4 months - why not book now?
There are over 400 Driving Test Centres in the UK and there is currently no means of finding out which has the shortest waiting times without checking every single one!
Yes you can but it is unlikely that we will be able to book a Driving Test for the end of your course if there is a long waiting list for Driving Tests. Check with us by pressing the Get a Quote button or by telephoning.
Yes, we and the instructor will book everything for you including the Theory Test if you need one and the Practical Driving Test
The cost depends on how much driving experience you have already had and whether or not you have a theory test passed already. Please go to a Get a Quote button for your personalised quotation.
We arrange all our Driving Courses for you locally and with a local Driving Instructor and with a Driving Test at the end of your course at your Local Driving Test Centre.

There are 2 types of Learner driving course, Semi-Intensive Driving course and Intensive Driving Course, Intensive Driving Courses are normally for those pupils who have had some previous professional tuition and driving experience and depending on how much, may be able to fit a suitable driving course over a period of a week or 5 days. For those with no experience, 40 hours is recommended and we do not advise doing that in less than 2 weeks. 

In general, the minimum ages for driving on British roads are 16 years for invalid carriages and mopeds,

17 years for agricultural or forestry tractors, small vehicles ( that's cars) and motorcycles,

21 years for medium/large sized vehicles, minibuses and buses.

So long as it is safe to drive over them you can drive into the area. That is what they are there for, to protect a vehicle turning right, from other traffic. Also, often it is almost impossible to get positioned properly in the centre, if you do keep out of them.

Why not! If there is not the slightest chance of any-one being affected by you moving off, including oncoming traffic and pedestrians, there is no point in signalling. But why risk it!

No, you don't have too. The simple rule is the gears are for going and the brakes are for slowing. Brake down to the speed you require, then go into a gear suitable for that speed. If you have stopped at the side of the road, the gear will be neutral, if in traffic with the prospect of moving almost immediately, it will be 1st gear.

No they don't. The results are monitored though as a tell tale guide if the examiner is doing his own thing instead of keeping within the DVSA's marking criteria.

On average experienced students with a theory test based already, pass their practical driving test within 1 to 3 weeks with a semi intensive driving course which seems to be a favourite among many, fitting time in between work and holidays.

Our beginners take much longer especially if they haven't already passed their theory test or fail at the first attempt. A good reason to take the theory first then look for an intensive/semi-intensive course. Did you know, only 78% of pupils fail their theory first time?

85% of our Students pass their practical driving test on the first try, 10% of our students pass on their second attempt. 5% of students pass on their third try and nobody has ever had to try and take the test 4 times.