Is the Theory Test Hard?

How hard can it be to pass your Theory Test? Fairly hard according to research carried out by Ingenie (insurance that rewards good driving) as only 28% of pupils pass the theory test first time.

Most expect to cram for the test in a few days and some don't even practice for the Hazard Perception part of the Theory Test at all.

59% of 16-19 year old learner drivers find taking their Theory Test equally as stressful or more stressful than taking their GCSE's and A Level exams.

Emma Bagnall, Brand Manager for Driving Test Success said: "today many teenagers are preoccupied on their phones while being taxied from place to place by Mum and Dad so they're oblivious to road signs, road rules and the general skills used in Driving".

Many pupils fail their theory at the first attempt because they do too little revision. There are nearly 1,000 potential; questions that could be asked in the Theory Test so too little revision too late lead to failure which means their instructor cannot book them a driving test until they pass.

Intensive Courses which advertise the theory test as part of a weeks driving course are not practical unless the pupil has done significant revision beforehand. 

Try our Theory Test Pro link and try out the revision facility Intensive Driving School provide free for Learners booked with us. Call us for advice on the quickest way to pass your driving test.